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Bike-a-Thon - Donation Page for Team Angkor
Greater Lowell Community Foundation River Ride

The mission of the Angkor Dance Troupe is to connect communities through the preservation, education and innovation of Cambodian Performing Arts.

Team Angkor is excited to be back for at third year in a row. With your help, our goal is to raise $5,000 so we can continue bring Cambodian arts and culture to the community.

Last year the Angkor Dance Troupe:

- Educated 200 students in Cambodian folk and classical dance
- Performed over 20 shows across the Northeast
- Engaged over 20,000 across the Northeast
- Employed 12 at-risk youth and young adults from Lowell, MA

We thank you for your donation. All proceeds will go directly to the Angkor Dance Troupe.

For more information about the Angkor Dance Troupe, please visit

See Team Angkor's Warm Up for the 3rd Annual Bike-A-Thon, View Video

For more information about the Greater Lowell Community Foundation, please visit

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Online tickets are no longer available. Tickets may be available at the box office.

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