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Christ Church
Zero Garden St.
Cambridge, Mass.    Venue Information

Monday February 12, 2018 7:30 PM

Tres Maresienne is a Boston-area trio named in honor of Marin Marias, the great French Baroque composer and gambist. This is no ordinary trio! Violin and viola da gamba are combined with various early plucked instruments - in this concert, with vihuela and Baroque guitar. Formed in 2012, the trio is known for innovative and deeply researched programs that traverse the rich historical terrains of Renaissance and Baroque Europe and the New World, dipping into unknown regions, scaling peaks of excellence, and thoroughly enjoying the view. Violinist Lisa Brooke, concertmaster of Symphony by the Sea and other groups, is noted for her "unusually intelligent and sensitive playing." Carol Lewis is a "zestful and passionate champion" of the viola da gamba who has toured and recorded with such groups as Hesperion and Boston Camerata. Chris Olav Henriksen has appeared widely in the U. S. and Europe on the lute, theorbo, and early guitars. He frequently lectures at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and performs on instruments from the museum's collection.

The program begins in the 16th century, with tientos, dances and fantasies by Antonio de Cabezon, Luys Milan, and Diego Ortiz. It is Ortiz who introduces us to the folia - a wildly popular type of variation set based on a 16-bar framework that eventually settled into an established chord progression. The title means "madness" or "folly." As the program unfolds, we will hear four other folias, spanning a century and a half?a testament to the enduring vitality of this genre. The 17th century brings pieces by Bailly, Selma y Salaverde, Juan Hidalgo, and Henry Butler. Finally, crossing over into the 18th century, we encounter Gaspar Sanz and Santiago de Murcia. The journey culminates in a continuo sonata by the great Domenico Scarlatti, who spent the last three decades of his life in the service of the Spanish royal family. The traditional music of Spain captivated him, lending to his own works a special piquancy.

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